Saints Row The Third

Well since vestas is now leading all further Bf3 updates I have decided to move on aswell. I bring you “saints row the third” (saints row 3). This saints row is said to put you on top of things, in other words you are giving all the tools that a real life crime boss would have in this scenario. The saints run all of stillwater and they become celebrities for it. In the game you can find merchandise such as saints sneakers, shirts, johnny gat bobble heads etc. but there is a new gang on the rise and doesn’t take kindly to this infamous group. So the saints fly to this new city called Steelport to take care of this wannabe crime syndicate.         

I’ll have more to give you in april – roh



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5 Responses to Saints Row The Third

  1. Hendrik says:

    Leading all further updates?.. got a problem with the post m8?

  2. KingJBlaze says:

    I was never a fan of Saints Row… Felt like a CHEAP GTA.

    Maybe, i hope this one is better.

    Also Hendrik was more the Dead Space 2 guy lol.

  3. Golden says:

    not really interested in this. saints 2 was a bit too wacky/tacky, it had good ideas, but it just didn’t seem to come together. oh, and they need to sort the car physics out!

    • KingJBlaze says:

      Yeah i didn’t like the look of the cars. But the weapons and fighting were definately better than GTA.

      Plus you get to create your characters appearance… Creating anything is a win lol sort of.

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