Battlefield Faultline Episode 1 Gameplay

New gameplay video from Dice this one is from the PC version but hopefully this will look the same on the PS3.

Or else I’m buying a PC!


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6 Responses to Battlefield Faultline Episode 1 Gameplay

  1. Muse83 says:

    If the PS3 version looks this good I will be VERY happy, everything from the smoke to lighting effects look spot on.

  2. Golden says:

    As far as I know this is running on DX11 on max settings on the pc. both ps3 and 360 are only capable of DX9 so are already two generations behind the pc. I think we can expect these sort of graphics on the bedtime generation of consoles.

    search Google for the new unreal engine (unreal3 I think) to see some screenshots of what DX11 is shaping up to be.

  3. KingJBlaze says:

    Whenever i think of PC gaming i think of really bad graphics….
    Guess i was wrong.

  4. Golden says:

    Erm, I dunno why I wrote “bedtime generation of consoles”, lol, I meant “next generation of consoles”. It’s the damn spell correction on this phone!

    • Hendrik says:

      Right….now it makes sence, sometimes I already have problems with the translation of words (urban dictionary words etc) so I didn’t asked about “bedtime”
      ….lol 🙂

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