An Interview with… GoldenGateFields

1. So how did you come up with your PSN username?
It’s the last track from my favourite bands last “proper” punk album. That band is Rancid and the track comes from their 2000 self-titled album. I don’t know why I chose that track as a name, it’s not my favourite song on the album, let alone my favourite song of theirs ever, but GoldenGateFields fits perfectly in the PSN’s 16 character limit.

2. Why did you purchase KZ3?
I didn’t have a PS3 back when KZ2 came out so I missed out on it (along with the Uncharted series, which I will get round to playing one day!). When I heard KZ3 was coming out I promised myself that I would get it for sure. I hadn’t been playing Bad Company 2 for a while so was looking for a new shooter to get into. Not that there’s anything wrong with BC2, it’s my favourite FPS this gen without exception, but I was just looking for something fresh after playing it almost exclusively since it came out last March. Also, I wanted a game that made use of the PlayStation Move which had basically sat on my desk collecting dust since I bought it on release day.
Fabe: Funny enough I sold me PS Move after 2 days….

3. “The Luck of the Irish!”…. Are Irish people THAT lucky?
Depends what you mean by lucky. If you mean “lucky we haven’t internally imploded the country in a mass of bigotry and general asshattery” then yes, I would say we are quite lucky haha! I wouldn’t say it’s true at all.

4. Do you have an plans to buy Homefront [due to BRINK and eventually BF3 coming out]?
Unfortunately not, I have just too many games coming over the next few months to even think about adding more to that list! I would like to rent it somewhere down the line for the singleplayer story though as it seems quite interesting.

5. Skateboard or Snowboard?
Skateboard all the way, probably for the fact that we very rarely get enough snow to make use of a snowboard.
Fabe: Well we get that soft scoop kinda snow… That slush crap…. o_o

6. Do you still plan on switching over to your ‘8BitBlitz’ PSN and leaving GoldenGateFields to wilt? o_O
Probably not. I had planned to use that account for a YouTube channel of the same name when I had bout an HD PVR for recording gameplay. The PVR didn’t work properly so I sent it back and never got round to ordering another one so the whole idea sort of fell through.

7. In the last update for BC2 if you could have personally added one thing, what would it be?
Hmm, I don’t really know. I guess I would have liked it to come a bit sooner than it did. More “proper” DLC would have been nice, let’s hope they don’t go down the VIP code route with Battlefield 3.

8. What game are you most anticipating [Since KZ3 is already released]?
Now that we know Battlefield 3 will be out this year I’ve had to split my excitement between it and BRINK (oh, and Pokémon Black/White!).

9. So Laney is being a douche-bag right [^_^] – And says he doesn’t like Killzone.
– My question is: Should we kidnap him and use the Governments MK-Ultra Project to brainwash him into buying KZ3?! o_o
I heard that in some countries admitting that you don’t like Killzone is punishable by death. So I say we threaten to send him there to shit him up a bit and he will soon change his tune!
Fabe: [Books Tom a flight]

10. Have you been able to keep up with the recent boom in our team-mates? [Quite a few people have joined]… And left.
Simply put, no. I’ve hardly played with any of the new recruits but hopefully that will change now that we are mostly all on KZ3 which supports clans a bit better than BC2 did.

11. Make up your own backronym for iHS? (make up your own meaning for the letters I, H and S)
Inferior Helghan Scum (oooooh, current haha!).
Fabe: Ha! Pretty good

12. If you could take anyones tags [BC2 Style] from the team who would it be? And why?
Well, seeing as I already have a collection of Fabe’s :P, and one of Laney’s, I’d like to get either Muse or Ramesses, just cause I’ve been playing with them too long to not have their tags! Did I mention I’ve got 3 of Fabe’s? No? Well, since you’ve asked how many of Fabians tags I have, I’ll tell you. I have 3 of Fabians tags!
Fabe: … o_o…. COUGH*FUCKYOU*COUGH!… Oh sorry there, i got a bad cough. NEXT QUESTION!

13. People assume that because I’m the founder [KingJBlaze] that I’m also the “Leader”. If you were the Leader of iHS could you handle it?! COULD YOU!!!!…. [Ahem] Sorry.
No, I’m so shit at organising or keeping things organised. So I’ll just blame you when stuff goes wrong and I can just wipe my hands and say “nothing to do with me”! Just kidding.
Fabe: [Looks at list…]
Admin [X]
Mod [ ]
Janitor [X]

14. Don’t you just hate it when people go “Loooooool”. Makes you think they’re sitting there rocking sideways going “Luuuuuuule!”… Or is that just me?!
Hahaha, funny I was just thinking that the other day, so no, it’s not just you. I also hate people that type “lololololol”, what the hell does that even mean?! Oh, and people that say OMG when they are talking, saying the letters like they are words, how fuckin lazy are you! People that put names together like Bennifer (Ben and Jennifer) also get on my tits, along with a long long list of many other things!
Fabe: lololololol! That’s funny XD… o_o

15. I dunno what to ask you here…. [sits…. looking at you… o_o].
*can’t look you in the eye any longer as it’s making me feel uncomfortable*
Fabe: ¬_¬ Riiiiight…. NEXT QUESTION!

16. I heard that, that dude KingJBlaze is friggin AWEEESOME. Would you agree?! [Points at you]
Pffft, dunno where you heard that, but that’s a bare faced lie! Haha
Fabe: …. [Pulls out list again]
Janitor: [X]
Factory Box Packer: [ ]
Supply Teacher: [ ]
Zoo Shit Cleaner: [ ]

England’s Football Manager: [X]

17. For those that don’t know. What’s your real name?
Krystan. But I prefer Kris as people seem to get easily confused with the pronunciation for some reason. *Thinks back to high school French class* How does that even LOOK like it spells “Crystal”, and what kind of asshole parents would name their son that?!
Fabe: LMFAO!

18. What colour would you have liked our Brink clan uniform to be?
Pink. Nobody wants to get their ass handed to them by guys in pink uniform.
Fabe: True.

19. If you was the organiser of an iHS event, where we’d all meet up, what would you organise? (The event could be as small or a big as you want it to be)
I would sneak us all into E3 or some of the other major gaming expo’s and have a massive get together at the after party. Either that or we could party in a squatters den in Poleglass.

20. Shout outs?
Well seeing as none of my real life friends own a PlayStation (I do have real life friends, I swear!) I’ll have to give a shout out to all the guys and girls at iHS, and apologise to them for having to listen to the horrible Northern Irish accent! Back to reality now and I’ll give a shout out to my girlfriend for giving me money towards the KZ3 Helghast Edition for Valentines and for not complaining too much when I’ve been on the PS3 for hours. Slim, Glenn, Bellerus, Timmy, Lee for all the memorable nights out. TalkTalk for giving me a speedy broadband service that never ever cuts off for days on end… oh, wait, not that last one!


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9 Responses to An Interview with… GoldenGateFields

  1. Hendrik says:

    Nice interview m8.

    At question 16, I think you’re awesome..All hail KingJBlaze leader of the iHS.

  2. Hendrik says:

    oh no….

  3. darkflow89 says:

    pink uniform lol

  4. allenxxl says:

    pink r u freakin kiddin me we would look like a bunch ofpepto bismol pills run around with m16s and rpgs

  5. Muse83 says:

    True about no one wants their ass kicked by guys in pink uniform – but it’s also true that everyone else wants to kick the ass of those in pink uniform.

    Oh, and if you want my tags you know where they are 🙂

  6. Golden says:

    pfft, you guys can run in whatever colour you want, but I’m rockin pink! Haha, just kiddin! I think you’ve got my tags Muse, or is that ramesses? I can’t remember now?? all I know is I need to get you back for sniping me about 5 times in a row on isla inocentes!

    • Muse83 says:

      Oh yeeaaah, that was pretty funny – I think you gave me a whole rank up by yourself that game what with all the marksman bonus’ I was getting. Good times, lol.

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