First Killzone 3 Patch

Guerrilla already made a patch for the release of the game and should be updated when you play the game the first time.

Below the changed patch notes.


•Increased the number of melee kills needed to unlock Increased Accuracy
•StA-3 LMG has had its spread increased and overall accuracy lowered
•Lowered the range and recoil of the LS-57 SMG
•Silent Footsteps has been removed as a ribbon and is now an unlockable skill
•Capturing a Capture and Hold area in Operations will award the same amount of points as it does in Warzone – it was previously worth less
•A specific screen has been added to inform players when a Skill has been unlocked
•Medic: The LS-57 SMG replaces their previously equipped StA-11 SMG
•Medic: The M224-1A LMG replaces their previously equipped LS-13 Shotgun
•Engineer: The StA-11 SMG replaces their previously equipped LS-57 SMG
•Tactician: The LS-13 Shotgun replaces their previously equipped M224-1A LMG
•Tactician: Neutralizing and capturing Tactical Spawn Areas now have two different timers, allowing you to neutralize the ownership away from the enemy faction quicker
•Tactician: Spot & Mark has been rebalanced – it will now ‘pulse’ like a sonar for 30 seconds, rather than stay constantly active during its duration
•Infiltrator: Disguise ranges for each rank has been adjusted. At rank 1, any player can see through Disguise when targeting the Infiltrator. At rank 2, a player must be within 30m range. At rank 3, a player must be within 15m range. Additionally, Disguise at rank 2 has had its timer set to ‘indefinite’ and is no longer based on a timer.
•Infiltrator: The sprint speed modifier earned from Survivalist has been decreased
•New online trophies can be unlocked from the Retro Pack DLC
•Kick-voting has been added to online matches
•Experience points earned for completing mission objectives has been increased

Clans and Squads

•You can no longer rejoin a clan match that has already finished
•Current clan ratings are more accurately reflected at the beginning of the match
•Players will no longer start the game in a squad by themselves
•Clan matches will no longer end in a draw if one clan quits out (therefore forfeiting) before the remaining clan is able to score points in Guerrilla Warfare
•You will no longer hang after pressing the Start button right after accepting a clan invite on the region select screen

Network Issues

•Network errors experienced during the open beta, such as 20002 and 8001, should no longer occur
•A 30 second time-out has been added to Multiplayer “joining” screen, should you experience an interruption in your connection
•Players that don’t have the Retro Pack, who tried joining a friend who was currently playing on a Retro Pack map, will no longer receive a network error code

General Bugs

•You will no longer have the “Your Faction Has Won/Lost” image roll over into subsequent matches
•You will no longer receive multiple unlock points when the server is out of sync
•You will no longer accumulate additional unlock points after everything has been unlocked
•Fixed an issue that caused the menu to stop responding after switching rapidly between the career unlocks screen and the multiplayer main menu
•The Bullet Damage ribbon reward is now applied to all primary and secondary weapons that fire bullets
•Tactician: Fixed an issue that prevented players from re-activating Spot & Mark for 60 seconds after they were killed with it active


•Stutter issues stemming from cutscenes that were loaded from the menu have been resolved
•Icy Incursion: Audio is now in sync during the cutscene played while streaming into Providence Station


•Improved streaming performance for a smoother gameplay experience

Sharp shooter

•Square button is mapped to Jump when using the Sharpshooter
•Adjusted the deadzone modifier when using the Sharpshooter

PlayStation Move

•Fixed a possible crash that could occur after playing the campaign while using the motion controller


•Killzone 3 is now integrated into the PSN store
•Enhanced security features included to deter cheating


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11 Responses to First Killzone 3 Patch

  1. Golden says:

    Good to hear all the changes, its just unfortunate that I’m now gonna have to wait even longer to get playing the game, but I’m sure I can find something to do while the patch downloads.

    Any idea about the size of the patch yvdsvestas?

  2. Muse83 says:

    I guess that’s the one good thing about getting the game later than the US – most of the bugs get fixed before we play. Still grates though.

  3. Anthony says:

    lol the patch took me like 30 seconds total. it is only like 38 MB

  4. Hendrik says:

    Just received my copy of the KZ3 so will see what for update it is and how big it is.
    The Helghast head looks great next to my Bravia!!!!

  5. Golden says:

    On my way to pick up my copy now, woohoo!

  6. Hendrik says:

    You can get the maps from the psn store.

  7. Fabe says:

    Yeah i gotta pay for shit lol

  8. Anthony says:

    I got it! 😛 i barely play the extra maps, I mainly play campaign.

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