New Battlefield 3 Video

New video from DICE on the behemoth that is Battlefield 3. Oh, and if you order the limited edition you will get the “Back to Karkand” expansion which comes with 4 maps from Battlefield 2, along with the classic BF2  weapons and separate Trophies/Achievements.

It’s sad to think that no matter how well this game does, it will always be overshadowed (in sales, NOT gameplay) by the Call of Duty franchise.

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16 Responses to New Battlefield 3 Video

  1. Fabe says:

    Just like BC2, I shall be purchasing a Limited Edition of this. VIP was worth it in the long run.

    The rooftop scene looked dope, the graphics seem smoother. I’m very impressed.

  2. Golden says:

    Yeah, for a few pounds difference you may aswell get the limited edition. VIP pack 7 came a bit too late imo, and I haven’t even bought Vietnam and I don’t think I’ll ever get round to buying it. I was so psyched for it, but by the time it actually came out I lost some of the hype.

    Graphics looked sexy, unfortunately that was from the PC version, which is gonna require a seriously powerful gaming rig to run it at the maximum settings shown in the video. I’m sure the console versions won’t look too shabby either though!

  3. Hendrik the Great says:

    Limited edition it shall be, I’m impressed as well!

    I was alone on Vietnam all the time no friends playing it…….great expansion to the
    multiplayer but maybe also a bit too late.

    • Golden says:

      At least now with KZ3 we will be able to play as a proper clan, no more splitting up into teams of four with communication limited between those four people. That’s what is great about the Xbox360’s party chat, you don’t even have to be on the same team (or even in the same game) to be able to communicate with your friends.

      Having full proper clan support in KZ3 will be awesome!

      Has anybody heard whether or not people with Move and normal controllers are gonna be split into separate servers?

  4. Muse83 says:

    I’m the same as golden in that i never got on Vietnam, as I haven’t been online for a while now it didn’t seem worth it. Which is a shame as my platinum trophy now only says 88% complete next to it, grrrr.
    I’m powering through Mass Effect 2 though so I think a platinum in that is definitely do-able.

    Battlefield will always fall short when compared to CoD as it just doesn’t have the same backing and hype. As is so often the case, the most popluar isn’t necessarily the best.

    • Golden says:

      Yup, unfortunately that’s true. My brother wants to get into the Battlefield series so badly, but he says he can’t because all his friends just stick to CoD and Halo and he can’t convince them otherwise. He’s on 360, otherwise I woulda been getting him to join iHS cus he’s a pretty badass player.

      • Muse83 says:

        I’ve experienced the 360 version of BC2 and its bad. Really bad. Nothing to do with the game itself, more the way x-box players play the game. Most of them just camp (in the absolute extreme sense at the expense of all else), no team work, ignorance of actually moving the mission forward etc, you get the idea.
        I can see why 360 players go for CoD as its pretty much the same ‘all about me’ kinda thing. And CoD does that best.

  5. Golden says:

    It’s strange that, seeing as every 360 is bundled in with a headphone, you would automatically think that there would be more teamwork when pretty much every player has access to a mic ( as apposed to PS3 players who have to actually go out and buy a separate one). The team work on both consoles is pretty shocking over all though. So bad that DICE had to just give us the extra map for the Vietnam expansion because we were taking so long to reach the required team actions. I think the PC guys had unlocked it within a week.

    Good thing about Battlefield 3’s release is it’s expected to come out around November, the typical time a new CoD is released (Every.God.Damn.Year.Without.FAIL!), so hopefully we won’t see too much of an influx of Calladoody style players, and if we do, I’m sure they will soon go crawling back.

  6. Fabe says:

    But weren’t we supposed to get the beta around November time?

    To continue with what Muse said, COD does make people into selfish players, hence why COD players will never like Battlefield games [BC2].

    Lol I actually forgot about Vietnam, that’s the joke. But the last Map Pack was great though. I’m hoping with all that has happened with BC2, DICE do things slightly different by doing DLC for Weapons not just Maps.

    Also, I’m looking forward to seeing what exactly we can edit on our characters in BF3.

    • Golden says:

      Oh, yeah, I forgot about the beta actually. But the trailers released have all said Fall 2011 as a release date so they must be releasing the beta only a short time before the actual game is released.

    • Muse83 says:

      I think the CoD franchise has seriously lost it’s way, the emphasis is now on selfish, abnoxious gamesmanship. Trying to humiliate your opponents and even team mates followed up with screaming abuse at each other is seemingly encouraged. The sooner CoD dies the better.

      • Golden says:

        Here Here! A few of my friends where big into MW2 and they just spent the whole match trying to kill people doing 360 no scope shots. Plus the fact of people camping for killstreaks that rack up the kills for them, I have made it a rule now that any game that has a system similar to killstreaks I will not be buying it.

  7. Anthony says:

    I have the GameInformer magazine and one guy interviewed Patrick Bach about BF3 and he said something about customization how he said you cant have every player look completely different on the same team said it would be to confusing.

    “the more variation you have in the characters the less variation you can have in the world”

    i think there will be somewhat customization but not much they will probably keep it simple but still make it fun. weapon customization will be cool but i doubt they will pull some CoD bullshit and put initials on guns. In my opinion that is a waste of space on a disk.

  8. Hendrik says:

    Just keep it realistic (no rectiles with red hearts etc. as in Black Flops)

  9. darkflow89 says:

    looking good 🙂 definitely buying the limited edition…

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