Killzone 3 and iHS

So now that KZ3 has officially been released (US) we need to get iHS on there registered.

What that means is we’ll have new profile stats added and i’ll update rosters of our team.

So, new guys will need their stats added so get those guys to send me the profile details plus emails please.

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9 Responses to Killzone 3 and iHS

  1. Golden says:

    Yeah, I have no idea who all is even on the team anymore! Half of the new guys I haven’t even played with.

    Oh, and Fabe, did you get a new Droid phone? I seen that the post was made with WP for Android.

    • Fabe says:

      Yeah I got an Samsung [i9000] Galaxy S. It’s friggin awesome, but yeah that’s how I was on the net, via my Android OS, but the reason that sig showed up today was because I used the actual WordPress App.

      … Instead of the internet WordPress. ^_^

  2. Golden says:

    Nice, the galaxy s looks awesome. I tried posting using the WP app a while back (the “Need another reason to buy KZ3” post) but for some reason it wouldn’t post it, it just saved it as a draft. Gonna have to give it another shot sometime.

  3. Muse83 says:

    You know i’m all over KZ3 so update my stats asap. I haven’t managed to get connected to play the Beta so i’m hoping i’m not gonna be at too much of a disadvantage at first.

    • Hendrik the Great says:

      Same for me Fabe …you will have a slight disadavantage played 2 beta’s all the way so pretty used to the controls and moving trough levels etc.

  4. Fabe says:

    Allen has registered instantheadshot so that can be joined on there. Hopefully the tag will show up as [iHS], I can’t remember how KZ works.

    I have yet to finish part 2, stuck on the last boss.

    • Muse83 says:

      Do we know anyone who’s done the last boss on Elite yet?

      I would be looking in Laney’s direction but he’s not into KZ. Pity.

      • Fabe says:

        Oh yeah… I forgot Laney doesn’t like Killzone.

        The last stage itself is annoying… One thing about Killzone is the not knowing when the hordes and hordes of Helghast will stop coming out to attack.

  5. Anthony says:

    One more day for you guys. Believe me it feels so much different from the beta. its much more polished and the Multiplayer connection issues are gone. the campaign puts You directly into the action. its brutal. the tag says iHS i checked. he didnt know how to add people i had to teach him….

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