Dot Com

So we got our domain name set up now: will still redirect you to the place – but we got something short and sweet. BAM!

Also I ought to be back online [properly] sometime next week, I know we have new members that have yet to be added to our teams roster/profile page. Nice one for expanding our team [Be careful who you invite though XD]

That’ll all be sorted out very soon.

As for the blog, don’t forget you can Like posts, so let the person who posted know if the thread was appreciated [blah blah blah].

Alright? Cool. Laters. ^_^


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Sup bruh!
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12 Responses to Dot Com

  1. hendrik says:

    Alright m8…I’m not able to like post as I’m getting “error on page”.
    But i do like this post 🙂

  2. Golden says:

    Did you decide to get the Helgast Edition then Muse?

    Really can’t wait for it to come, I’ve booked off Friday and Monday so I can get a good amount of play time before my net gets cut off at the end of the month. Finally got round to sorting it, I done a speed test the other day and I was getting a whopping 0.83MB download speed. Yep, not even a god damned MB/s, what a joke. Moving to BT or Virgin at the beginning of March.

    It will be good to get back online with you all soon.

    Nice work on getting the domain name too Fabe.

    • Muse83 says:

      Yep! It was shipped yesterday so with any luck it should arrive tomorrow.

      For those who have the ‘MEGA Voucher’, when are we gonna use it? We would totally destroy all if we had a whole team with double XP and all weapons and upgrades. We need to sync our ‘free’ 24hrs.

      • Golden says:

        Good to hear. I actually canceled my online order and went to a store to pre-order it for store collection, I was too paranoid about not getting it release day or it arriving with the box crushed to shit (I have a thing about keeping packaging as perfect as possible!).

        Good call on the voucher thing, I never actually thought about that. I wonder what way it will work for the team members that don’t have the bonus KZ2 maps that come on the voucher too, will they be able to join in on games? I think it worked like that in BC2.

        My pisshead uncle has taken my controller and charging lead cause he busted his, I better get it back in time for Friday or there will be RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE! I’m able to play with Move but my navi controller hasn’t arrived yet 😦

  3. Fabe says:

    Finally got to play the KZ3 demo, I wanna do co-op.


  4. rohalient says:

    there is co-op on KZ3 campaign?

  5. Anthony says:

    Yes there is…..and it all sucks for you guys cuz KZ3 is epic…it came out today here….beyond epic. Have fun waiting…..Ahhhh we always get games first ^_^

  6. Golden says:

    Just noticed the tags on this article lol!

    @ Anthony: I R JEALOUS :(. But I’m gettin the Helgast edition. What what in the butt!
    Is the co-op only local (ie. splitscreen), or can it be played over the internet?

  7. Anthony says:

    local i believe but they will probably send out dlc to make it an online possibility

  8. Hendrik says:

    They started a petition on KZ3 forum for a co-op online mode.
    You can follow the link and sign up!

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