Need Another Reason to Buy Killzone 3?

As if there wasn’t enough reasons to buy the third installment in PlayStations highly acclaimed FPS franchise, Sony have just given you another one.

People that buy KZ3 new will get beta access to Socom 4, another big shooter franchise on the PlayStation, only this ones a third person shooter, from the developers of MAG, Zipper.

On top of that, the game has just been rewarded a perfect 10 from Destructoid.

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17 Responses to Need Another Reason to Buy Killzone 3?

  1. thiswarisours18 says:

    Yeah I’m already sold on KZ3, even without SOCOM i was sold when Rohalient talked me into it. and the Beta gameplay is phenomenal. The limited bit of game there is on the beta i was sold. Who is getting KZ3 on launch date anyways? Oh and since i was first to play KZ3 beta Rohalient was right after me i set up iHS for my clan tag but it made me leader and i hate that :-X but we already got like 7 or 8 of us in already.

    • Hendrik says:

      This is the second beta, the iHS clan was already created on the first beta but doesn’t excist on this one. (all carreer progress lost as well )-: )

      So how do I join the clan on this beta then?

  2. Golden says:

    When does the Beta open for non PS+ members, is it next week or something? I really needa get on that.

    If I can nick my brothers camera for an hour or so I will be doing a opening of the KZ3 Helgast Edition for the blog. Can’t effin wait! Also plan on getting the Sharpshooter to go with it (for playing with Move)

    • Hendrik says:

      Using the Move needs training believe me it’s hard.
      (even attempting to throw the move at the screen when I had to reload)

      • Golden says:

        Yeah, I wish I’d kept MAG so I could have been getting practice with the Move on it. Have you looked at any of the gun attachments? The rifle shaped ones may help steady your aim a bit

    • Hendrikq says:

      yeah I did, indeed the rifle shaped one seems to be good.
      Will see how far I will use the Move on this game….

  3. Anthony says:

    the open beta is available now On playstation store. just type in killzone 3 open beta in the search bar and it should pop up…..7 other iHS members have it….its amazing. its been out since the 3rd of February. it ends the 16th at 1:00 a.m. here

    • Golden says:

      Oh really? Cheers, I didn’t even think it was out yet, gonna switch the PS3 on now and get downloading. Will probably take 3 hours, my nets so fucked up at the minute, it’s like having dial up!

  4. Anthony says:

    Took me 20 minutes. true my internet is Comcast High Speed internet and im hard wired so it might be different. took my friends who are wireless about the same time.

    • Golden says:

      I have been downloading since 8.15, and I’m only 28% downloaded! I’m hardwired too, but its my shitty isp. took me 4 days to download a 6gb file last week.

      At the moment its quicker to go on the net on my phone than it is on my laptop. I’m honestly moving from them as soon as I can.

  5. Anthony says:

    Lol Ill have to send you a request for the clan. Still ticks me off that I’m leader on there. Feel too responsible. I’ll send you and Golden one when the servers actually let me on. The beta servers really suck sometimes though. If you can get into a game your pretty much safe for the most part. But connecting to the Multiplayer server is hair pulling sometimes. Hopefully they have this sorted out before launch date. Because I’m getting it day one. Good thing I’m on Winter break that week.

    • Fabe says:

      Yeah that’s how KZ Clans work. First to create is Leader. Hendrik did it on the previous beta and i did it on KZ2.

      Doesn’t matter though there is no specific leader on our team so being a leader on any game makes leader of that game [salutes] lol

  6. Golden says:

    by the time I get the beta downloaded, t
    he full game will have arrived at my door!

    I had heard that the North American servers have been constantly pretty full, but that’s what this “beta” is for, stress testing the servers so that they can have them running properly for release day.

  7. Hendrik says:

    I’m getting network error 20002 all the time,sucky!

  8. Anthony says:

    Guess I am on KZ3 you will now address me as King Anthony….All hail…lol jk. yeah i get the same exact error everytime. from 4:30-10:30 in the afternoon here…..but 10:30 here is like 4:30 at night there. lol see you guys online.

  9. rohalient says:

    Kinda sad to say really, im not that excited for this game. I dont wont go into detail cause i might change your minds but knowing some of you i probably wont. Anyways i will still get it but (renting) it is what im planning on doing the storyline sold me but the multiplayer kinda reminds me of “Reach, Halo” it was fun at first but got boring after a while F.Y.I i spilled it out anyway. -Rohalient

    • Hendrik says:

      Well everyone has and may have his opinion about this game, but you won’t change my mind anyway….lol

      I’m looking forward to the multiplayer and i’m tired playing Black flops all the time.

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