The Official PlayStation App

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7 Responses to The Official PlayStation App

  1. thiswarisours18 says:

    Damn now i need an android…..

  2. yvdsvestas says:

    Looks like a nice piece of equipment but I already got a company phone
    so I’m probable not gone waste my money on this.

  3. Golden says:

    Downloaded it last night on my Desire (Android). It’s free so I wasn’t really expecting much, it’s OK for checking out posts on the PS Blog, but that’s about it. I was hoping for the ability to maybe log into PSN and message my friends list, but no luck so far, maybe they will add it in a future update.

    • KingJBlaze says:

      I feel like i’m spying on people. Like, as i’m posting this i can see Allen, Roque, Anthony, Lee and Laney [Tom] online.

      The App looks nice though, but mostly useless. 4/10 App.

  4. yvdsvestas says:

    There is also a new Sony PS3 headset on the market.

    Maybe a good idea to create a category for hardware and stuff like that.

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