PS3 Blown Wide Open, And What It May Mean For Online Gaming

So, as you may know the PS3’s root key has recently been discovered which means that it is pretty much open to hacking, piracy and homebrew. Now, I am genuinely interested in the homebrew side of things, just imagine a .MKV app that lets you play all that fan subbed anime you have lying around that will never come out over here, or a PS2 emulator that will let you play your PS2 classics all on your PS3.

What I’m not so hot about is the hacking side of things. So far, the only thing people have really done with hacking the PS3 is create an app that allows you to get trophies for most of the games you own, along with random time stamps so it looks like you’ve gotten them legitly. Not that big a deal, they are only made up trophies after all and don’t really count for anything. What could be down the line though is not so harmless.

On the PS2 there was a hack known as Code9 which left online unplayable in Socom 2. Hackers were able to load up the cheat and have, among many many more things, perfect infinite health, no fall damage, immune to bullets, perfect shot, no recoil, one shot kill, rapid fire, infinite ammo and super jumper. Needless to say it left Socom 2, considered by fans to best the best Socom game in the history of the series, in absolute ruin.


With the PS3 now fully cracked we may start seeing this kind of cheating in more and more online games which would effectively ruin many people online experience. Sony said there are away of the hacking going on with the PS3 Trophies ans are preparing a firmware update to fix it, but the fear is that if a code9 style hack becomes available, will  Sony or the game developers be able to patch it out? It has been said that there is very little Sony can do now that the Root Key has been made public, as it isn’t a problem that can be easily fixed, if at all, through software updates.


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9 Responses to PS3 Blown Wide Open, And What It May Mean For Online Gaming

  1. yvdsvestas says:

    They can delete the playstation it’s domain but you also loose connection to the PSN
    so you will get banned. this is something they’re looking at know.

    Or it’s time for the Playstation 4 with new firmware. (wich probable will be hacked again)

    In general i’m not interested in pirating or hacking or any what has to do with this.

    I just wanna play the game and have fun!

  2. Muse83 says:

    I absolutely hate all this crap.

    You can go on about the benefits of opening up the system to more than Sony were willing to give but the problem is people, they’re just not responsible enough.
    It will get taken to extremes and i’m almost certain games will start to get ruined. This kind of thing completely puts me off on-line gaming.

    Only bad will come of this.

    • Golden says:

      I agree with you Muse, the benefits from a jailbroken PS3 could be great, but the cheating, hacking and piracy far outweighs the pros of opening the system in my opinion. Like you said, if people were responsible, it would be fine, but we all know that there are people out there who are out to ruin other peoples fun.

      I truly hope Sony can patch this out. Some people have been saying that it might push Sony to reveal the PS4 sooner than expected, as much as I’d be excited about it, I don’t think I’d want it to be true, I want to get atleast another 2 years outta my PS3.

  3. yvdsvestas says:

    An interview with Geohot who hacked the ps3.

    • Golden says:

      Nice find. It was good to see he put measures in to prevent piracy and what not, but how long is it until that gets cracked.

  4. Jude Allaman says:

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