2011 01 Killzone 3 Eu Story Trailer

Latest trailer about KZ3, Can’t wait for this one.
The best from the Netherlands!…lol

Also posted on the iHS youtube channel.


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6 Responses to 2011 01 Killzone 3 Eu Story Trailer

  1. Fabe says:

    You know what… I need to finish Killzone 2 lol – The last stage was so hard for me, I just couldn’t finish it.

    • Muse83 says:

      Don’t know if you went for the Gold trophy by finishing the game on Elite – but seriously, the last level on that difficulty was hardest thing i’ve ever played – still can’t do it.

      Kudos to anyone who has.

  2. Hendrik says:

    LOL….same for me i’m halfway the game.

    Looking forward trying this one with the Move.

  3. Golden says:

    Was just coming on here to post this, but Hendrik beat me to it! Video looks amazing, I wanna see more info on PS Move and whether Move players will be able to play with DS3 Controller players online.

  4. Hendrik says:

    Check the iHS youtube channel there are 3 vids about playing with the Move,
    they’re also using the Move rifle.

    I think the Move will be capatible wiith DS3 controller players the gameplay/controls remains the same only one uses the move the other a controller.

    • Golden says:

      Thanks, I never thought about looking on the YT channel.

      There was some talk a while ago that the developers hadn’t made a decided if they would allow Move and DS3 players to play together online due to the Move being a lot more accurate than DS3. They will probably just nerf the Move a bit to make it less effective.

      This is the game I have been waiting for since I bought my Move.

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