News from the Battlefield blog.

It’s safe to say that 2010 ended with a bang for the whole Battlefield community. December has been a month in which Battlefield: Bad Company 2 really proved it’s weight as a first class FPS game with 4 additional new maps in Map Pack 7 and with the release of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam, players received a total of 9 brand new maps to play on.

The Community Challenge was won by the PC players who managed to reach the 69 million mark first of all three platforms.

But, since we want to start this new year with a big of a bang as we ended it, we are enabling Operation Hastings for the PS3 and Xbox 360 as of today!

So cancel all your plans, turn on your tv’s, fire up your consoles and let the Battle For Hastings begin!

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2 Responses to News from the Battlefield blog.

  1. Fabe says:

    Ah the “awesome” Vietnam peeps have been talking about.

    Well this month I’ll get it. But between now and June there are afew titles I will be purchasing. lol.

  2. Hendrik says:

    How many of you guys got the ‘Nam pack?

    Its’s a big tribute to the BC2 game.

    Flying a Huey when the song the Ride of the Valkyries
    is pumping to the speakers…lol (Apocalypse Now)… it!

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