Team Update & Info

So, I finally got a new PS3 [R.I.P.  60GB] so all is right with the world again lol.

I updated the blog so we’re not just about FPS’s anymore since there may be other games in which you can team up and use the [iHS] team name, so feel free to mention games in which team work and co-op modes are available. Eg. Red Dead Redemption, Dead Space 2 (I think)…

POSTS – Categories & tags
If a game becomes quite popular with our team we will add a category for it, if not it will be posted under Video Games/VG Footage until then.

… Uh… yeah, that’s it. ^_^


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2 Responses to Team Update & Info

  1. Fabe says:

    My suggestion that isn’t a FPS is DCUO (DC Universe Online) – MMORPG.
    It’s alot of fun creating your Hero or Villian and having 3 cities (in the beat) to explore. Fight crime or commit crime lol. I already got as a guild lol.

  2. vestas says:

    The download of DCUO crashed at the end so I didn’t download it again yet (16 gB WTF).
    Dead Space 2 has co-op and multiplayer, played the demo yesterday this game is one my favorites for sure . The graphics are amazing….don’t play in the dark! LOL

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