5th Map Announced for BF:BC2 Vietnam

Operation Hastings is has been announced as the 5th map for Bad Company 2’s Vietnam expansion. The original map was in Battlefield: Vietnam (PC exclusive game) and will be unlocked after certain criteria has been met. Players have to reach 69 million team actions (resupply, heal, revive, repair and spot) either in vanilla Bad Company 2 or the Vietnam expansion released on 21st December. Hopefully this will bode well for team work and I won’t have to keep knifing that thick Assault for him to  figure out that I need ammo!

Here’s the trailer.

*WARNING*Contains moments of awesomeness. IHS recommend that you sit down before watching.


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7 Responses to 5th Map Announced for BF:BC2 Vietnam

  1. yvdsvestas says:

    Shit….forgot to sit down.


  2. Golden says:

    *Throws yvdsvestas a med pack*

    There we go, only 68,999,999 team actions left!

  3. darkflow89 says:

    69 million? that’s quite a lot.

  4. Golden says:

    Black Box done something similar with Skate 3, well, I say something similar, it unlocked a trophy instead of a level. In that game the community had to sell so many boards before the trophy unlocked, I think it was 250 BILLION! As far as I can remember it was unlocked within a month, so the Bad Company 2 community should have it unlocked in no time… HOPEFULLY!

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