Just a Quick Note…

So, I know I haven’t been on a lot lately (both on the blog and on PSN), the problem was my router dying and I could only get online now and again for an hour or two. I finally got a new router so all is dandy now, but, the place where I work is looking me to do overtime for atleast the next two weeks (which may lead into more weeks) so I won’t be on very often over that time. I’m hopefully going to change ISP after Christmas because I’m sick of  TalkTalk’s shit speeds once it reaches 6pm, so that will probably end up being a week or so offline.

I will try to be on as much as possible, but  just thought I let you guys know what’s happening :)!

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4 Responses to Just a Quick Note…

  1. Fabe says:

    Yeah TalkTalk were doodoo bro, Virgin seems alright though.

  2. Muse83 says:

    I’m on SKY Broadband, it seems okay. I thinks its supposed to be up to 20mbs but I’m suspicious i’m being limited to single figures by my wireless router as I can never seem to get higher than 8mbs when I do the connection test on the PS3.

  3. Golden says:

    Think I’m gonna go for BT, I know a few people that have it close to where I live and it seems to work no problem for them. Seriously, I can’t watch a standard quality Youtube video without it buffering every 10sec, it’s really pissed me off lately! I would have liked to get the BT fiber optic package but I’m not able to get it at the house, my uncle who lives about 2 miles away from me is able to get it, but I guess it’s because I’m sorta out of the town in the country that it’s not available out here 😦

    What sorta money are you guys paying for your bb if you don’t mind me asking? Back when TalkTalk was Tiscali I was paying £15 per month for unlimited, then when they changed over to TalkTalk it went up to £20 per month and they cut my usage to 40GB. God I really shoulda changed from them aaaaaaages ago!

  4. Muse83 says:

    I think I only pay £7.50 for 20mb/unlimited. It’s quite cheap because I’ve got the sports/movie channels with my sky package so they give you discounts for the more you have.

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