Map Pack 7 Details and Vietnam Trophies Announced


Can I Go Home Now?

Achieve a team victory on all Vietnam levels

Every Gun has a Silver Lining

Get silver stars on all primary Vietnam weapons
(Veteran weapons not included)

Ecstasy of Gold


Get gold stars on all primary Vietnam weapons
(Veteran weapons not included)

Doing the Rounds


Get a kill with all Vietnam vehicles

Cantankerous Chauffeur


Get 100 kills with Vietnam tanks

Ride of the Valkyrie


Get 50 kills with the helicopter

Would you Kindly STFU?


Destroy a Hannoi Hannah propaganda speaker

Great Balls of Fire


Get 20 kills with the flamethrower

Just Because I Can


Finish 1st on the scoreboard on any Vietnam level.

Heavy Metal in Map Pack 7:

For VIP Map Pack 7, we always knew we wanted the classics Oasis and Harvest Day. But we also know that our players love huge battlefields with plenty of vehicles. So we went back to the singleplayer campaign in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to see what we could take from there and transform into new multiplayer maps. We wanted a level that could incorporate both vehicle warfare and close quarters battle. We found that in Heavy Metal.

Heavy Metal features both attack and transport helicopters.

The multiplayer game mode of choice on this remastered version of Heavy Metal is Conquest, with the classic three flag setup. The three flags are spread over the entire terrain. This seemed like a crazy idea at first — this map is even bigger than Atacama Desert — but we stuck to it, and it turned out to provide a real sense of epic scale.

There are plenty of vehicles here, and they will spawn on captured bases, so players will not feel stranded if they decide to move to another base. If an enemy chopper happens to stop by for a rocket-filled visit, anti air guns are provided in strategic locations to keep the air battles balanced and the home bases safe.

Source Battlefield Blog.

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2 Responses to Map Pack 7 Details and Vietnam Trophies Announced

  1. Fabian says:

    I wasn’t actually hyped up about Vietnam.. But now I’m looking forward to it.

    Well I hope for DICE’s sake that MAP PACK 7 is the best thing to happen to BC2, because I still say that BC2 needs new weapons to keep people interested.. More so, I mean.

  2. Muse83 says:

    Well you’ll get plenty in the Vietnam DLC but apart from that……not likely – just about all the slots on the weapons chart are full so it ain’t gonna happen.

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