I didn’t do a Toog

Lol, I came back. I actually don’t know if I can be bothered to play MOH, I missed BC2 online.

Let’s go!


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4 Responses to I didn’t do a Toog

  1. thiswarisours18 says:

    i Havent played in like 2 weeks ive been super busy with shit.

    • Muse83 says:

      This coming from the guy who was a self confessed addict just a few weeks ago.

      Do remember our converstaion about ‘flavour of the month’? I guess it’s not all that after all. 🙂

      I’m still gonna Platinum it though, 75% and rising.

  2. GoldenGate says:

    I was determined to get a plat on it but couldn’t get the Fire Controller trophy. I think all I needed was it, the one for completing Teir 1 mode under par and getting 35 kills with the pistol.

    I traded it in on Tuesday for Black Ops cause it meant I’d only have to pay £7.99 for Black Ops and I’d get a better price trading that in against Killzone 3 when it comes out than I would for trading in Medal of Honor.

    Been enjoying CoD’s singleplayer so far, but haven’t jumped online yet except for Combat Training.

    But CoD wont get much of a look in when Bad Company 2’s DLC atom bomb gets dropped!

  3. Fabian says:

    I think I played MOH once whilst I was offline… That’s it. As soon as I got back on I went straight onto BC2.

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