Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam Hill 137 Flamethrower Reveal


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7 Responses to Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam Hill 137 Flamethrower Reveal

  1. Golden says:

    Nice find dude. That looks brilliant, really can’t wait!

    I can’t believe they still haven’t a release date on this thing yet, apart from the vague “Winter 2010”.

  2. yvdsvestas says:

    Can’t believe it either but it’s worth the waiting!!!

  3. Muse83 says:

    Once this finally comes out, MOH and COD et al will all be forgotten and BC2 will back in everyones PS3’s.

    Can’t wait to start tearing it up again iHS style.

    • GoldenGate says:

      I seen you on MoH the other night Muse, tried joining you but it kept saying the server was full. How you finding MoH? It really didn’t impress me at all. HMV are doin an offer if you trade in MoH you get Black Op’s for ¬£7.99!

      • Muse83 says:

        It’s alright I guess.

        Good things are it’s at the more realistic end of the scale, kill streaks aren’t too overpowered, more game modes than BC2 but not OTT and I like the Afghan setting.

        Bad things; Not impressed with the weapons/equipment system, maps need improvement – too many bottle necks, spawn killing can be a problem, not much team play – more COD than BC2.

        Overall, its seems more like a guinea pig for DICE while trying to not overshadow BC2. Lets hope all they’ve learnt will go into making a BC3.

        Don’t know if I want to get into Black Ops though. I like the theme of it but I absolutely hate MW2 now and this still seems an like an update for it.

  4. yvdsvestas says:

    LOL… good idea trading the game for black ops.
    We don’t have that offer in holland.

    The server of EA’s MoH really sucks I’m getting kicked all the time due to loss of connection.

    Really pissing me off because mostly I got a High K/D ratio/score.

  5. GoldenGate says:

    I thought MW2 sucked for using P2P for online multiplayer, but then I played MoH. How can the servers be so shit for that game while only occasionally being crappy on BC2!

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