Better Save Some of That Christmas Money, Killzone 3’s ‘Helgast Edition’ is Looking Like a Must Buy.


You know what your room needs? No? Well then, I’ll tell you right now what it bloody needs! A replica Helgast helmet. If only there was such a way to get one. Oh hello there Killzone 3 Helgast Edition, what’s that you say? You just happen to come with a replica Helgast helmet? Oh, how convenient!

That’s right, just after emptying your bank account over Christmas on presents/alcohol/hangover cures, Sony and Guerrilla are set to totally bankrupt you with the Helgast Edition of their upcoming shooter, Killzone 3. Along with the Helgast helmet, you get a copy of the game, a cloaking Marksman action figure,an art book, exclusive videos and a Killzone 3 Super Voucher. The Super Voucher gives you access to downloads of the games soundtrack, Dynamic Theme for your PS3, two online maps from Killzone 2 and double experience points and access to all the games weapons for the first 24 hours of multiplayer.

What’s the cost of all this extravagance I hear you ask? $130. Which I honestly don’t think is too bad considering the shheramount of stuff included.

It has only been announced for the U.S.A so far. Let’s hope and pray to the powers that be that they bring it to Europe, or else we’ll have to get our resident Yank Ant to send us over a few!

Killzone 3 is set for release on PS3 on 22.02.2011.

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9 Responses to Better Save Some of That Christmas Money, Killzone 3’s ‘Helgast Edition’ is Looking Like a Must Buy.

  1. yvdsvestas says:

    This looks great on the sidetable!!!

  2. goldengate88 says:

    I would really consider giving my right testicle for this. Maybe even my left, but I’m very fond of that one lol!

  3. yvdsvestas says:

    You give the right , I’ll give the left…both happy

  4. Fabian says:

    Ah man, ain’t Brink out around about the same time? Lol

    That looks awesome by the way.

    • yvdsvestas says:

      did you received the beta or didn’t you signed up?

    • goldengate88 says:

      Yeah, it’s out a month later I think. As long as Brink doesn’t announce some awesome Collectors Edition of the game I may be able to afford this and a normal edition of Brink.

      Actually, come to think about it, this is out around Valentines. Hmmmmm.

      *begs girlfriend to put up half of the cash*

  5. Muse83 says:

    I’m gonna be seriously torn between KZ3 and Brink. The no social life is a given but i’m thinking some kind of serious illness is going to be needed too.

    Anyone know how long Degue Fever normally lasts?

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