MOH – Some people aren’t happy

Originally posted by SandmannXIII on the EA MOH forum.

EA, the time has come. Execute Order 66.

I mean, just look at this game, it is obvious they don’t care anymore with all the spawn camping and with all of the ***** riding they do for the sniper class. Everybody is complaining about it, and are they listening? Hell no. If they do decide to “try” to fix this broken game, it will be just another one of their “LETS NERF EVERYTHING” campaigns that they did in Bad Company 2. At first, it will start with the sniper class, then it will end with everything shooting foam bullets.

You need to do something. My recommendation is to make them issue a pubic apology for half-assing a game that is supposed to honor the soldier, and take everyone at DICE, line them up in the front of the building, and slap the ***** out of their hands with a ruler. Then make them review Battlefield 2 to find out what they did right about it. If you want to get a little more evil, and you should, you need to throw a little of the old school EA love on them and do what you did to OSI(take their IPs and close down DICE).

Man, I actually hear things like this alot about MOH, but I really like this game lol – Goes to show you: Different strokes for different folks.

So once or if you get this game, make up your own mind.


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15 Responses to MOH – Some people aren’t happy

  1. thiswarisours18 says:

    IDK why everyone is complaining. this game is awesome. a little tweak here and there and i can see it being a blowout. i see nothing wrong with snipers. How can it not “Honor the soldiers” if the soldiers were the one supervising it and saying what was needed. The soldiers approve of it. so they need to quit bitching. the same people complaining are the same people camping. they need to quit griping and move on with life and when MoH blows up they will regret it. they need to quit crying and go masturbate with their tears. Lol too much?

  2. skyyjuice says:

    yeah iam gonna add to this guys commet, he is totally RIGHT !!, the game is a total mess on the multiplayer, thought that was the reason of having the beta, or was it the beta an alteria motive to actually purchasing the game. Dice messed up big time with this, thinking that they could try a modern warfare 2 feel, with the battlefield knowledge that they have, news flash it didnt bloody work mate ! another thing i gotta say is that whats up with the freezing man, come on. that was suppose to be sorted right? and no VO in the lobby with your friends. this is pants, sorry you guys, i was sold on this game, but the only thing that works for me on it is the story mode, good thing DICE didnt have nothing to do with that, in sayin this BC2 is a blinding game and i love that to bits, just a shame that DICE didnt feel the love for medal of honor as they did their own game, .. well money talks ahy.

  3. Fabian says:

    To continue what Skyy said; The no VOIP in lobby’s and during the loading screens, is kinda wack.

  4. yvdsvestas says:

    I agree with Anthony, stop bitching and let it rain bullets.

  5. goldengate88 says:

    I’ve tried to stay away from any of the MoH/BC2 forums cause I could guess what’s going on over there at the minute, a load of childish whining, overreacting and bitching (come to think of it, most FPS forums are like that all the time anyway!).

    I have to say though, playing through he campaign I’m not overly impressed, it’s meh so far, maybe I just haven’t played through it enough yet. The online portion will more than likely piss me off though from what I’ve been hearing. Like skyy said, they shouldn’t have tried to go after CoD as much as they did. Seriously, what’s the harm in making a game without killstreaks/scorechains? BC1 and 2 didn’t have them and they turned out more than fine. The snipers do seem to be overpowered, something alot of people including myself are not happy about.

    I had been looking forward to the game and was always planning on buying it day 1, but the more I heard about it the more I was debating whether to pick it up or not. Unfortunately Gran Turismo 5 getting delayed made my mind up.

    I’ll be writing my own review on it next week hopefully.

  6. thiswarisours18 says:

    I have played Multiplayer for days. since release actually. I love it. and while i can see where people will get frustrated. its actually a fun game just some minor problems that can be fixed. the score chain actually makes the game more challenging and its definetely doesn’t amount up to BC1 or 2 but its still innovative in it’s own right. i enjoy playing it. IDK if its something different between our servers or what but over here there aren’t that many problems. nothing a little tweak can’t fix and for the snipers. it really doesn’t bother me. it’s actually fun to snipe on here. and there are plenty of great spots for it. like on Kabul City Ruins on Objective Raid. theres one room that Fabe and I use constantly it overlooks the objectives. DICE has always cared about its players and its quality so i am sure that to keep their fan base they will answer to the whinners. but bitching about a game that hasn’t been out for a week is just like pissing in the wind. but yes i do agree with Vestas statement. Let It Rain Bullets. oh and the freezing and lagging doesn’t really go on over here. i unplugged my wire from the Playstation and hooked up to my neighbors wireless which is only 20% signal and i still had a flawless game. pretty impressive if you ask me. We will get improvements. Weapons, Maps, Add-ons.

  7. yvdsvestas says:

    I’m still happy!!!

  8. Fabian says:

    @golden You can write a seperate review if you want lol – When you getting it by the way?

    I don’t have a problem with this game, little freezes but oh well.

    I hope they add more to the Campaign though.

    • goldengate88 says:

      I’ve got a better idea, how about making a separate tab at the top of the page for reviews? Like what you have done for the interviews, then we could have all the reviews in one place.

      I got it on Saturday when me and the girlfriend were away shopping, only got to play a few hours of singleplayer on Saturday night though, I’ll be on this evening when I get home from work and get stuck into it some more. Then I’ll hopefully get my review up on Thursday/Friday.

      Hopefully when I get on with you guys tonight you can convince me I didn’t waste £40 lol!

  9. goldengate88 says:

    Lol, oh yeah, I forgot I was admin now! BOW DOWN TO ME PUNY MINIONS!

    I was up playing until 1am last night after you guys left, and I gotta say, I’m starting to like it more and more. I was palying Combat Mission and had loads of fun, I think that’s my favourite mode so far.

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