Thoughts on MOH so far

Campaign – Danger Close

The campaign is (several people have asked me and so they’ll know this reply:) GREAT – As soon as you play this game you can see the Modern Warfare 2 influence, which [for the haters] is actually a good thing. Don’t get me wrong the the Bad Company 2 influence is also there but more so in the online.

As soon as I started, you know me, I had a look at thew controls, saw it and went…. Riiiiight [Clicks ALTERNATE] lol – Much better for a transition from BC to MOH, I mean I could have just left it because it wasn’t that bad but whatever. The ability to slide into cover is awesome and you can get some cool skills sliding briefly and gunning down and enemy [The Taliban]. The Lean ability is also good so you’re not getting machine gunned when you try to return fire. I heard this game got mixed reviews, well so far this game is a 9/10, very good.

The only thing about the Campaign is, it’s too short, I jumped on the game at like 3pm and finished it by the evening, on the NORMAL setting. I actually meant to but it on HARD but I pressed X too soon and I thought oh well nevermind it’ll still be somewhat hard… I shoulda but it on Hard lol.

Multiplayer – DICE

First off let me say this had me abit confused because I didn’t expect it to be different controls and a different layout [fonts etc] for the Multiplayer lol. The buttons are different, no slide to cover and with kill streaks you use the Direction Pad, left or right, to select either a Attack or Defensive strategy – The first kill streak ability reward being, Mortar [left] or UAV [right]. Again, controls on ALTERNATE by the way.

They still haven’t been able to fix the VOIP issues [I know it’s still early days but…] there’s no VOIP during loading screens or in lobby’s. Setting it to FRIENDS doesn’t seem to work unless you go into the game on the TEAM setting and then switch to FRIENDS.

But that doesn’t really matter, multiplayer is MW2 ie. no squads, just run and gun, but it’s actually alot of fun. You can actually Rank Up pretty fast in this game I was playing for about an hour and reach rank for unlocking red dot, extra clips and new guns. In this game straight away look for spots no one else is going and try to find those good hiding spots, I found a good one on Kabul City Ruins. Got several kills.

So on the Multiplayer screen you can go to Career and Weapon customisation and edit your clan tag and weapons you start off with. The Classes are Rifleman [or Tier 1 Rifleman, with alternate camo optional], Special Ops and Sniper.

All classes [US or Taliban] have the basic 4 weapons, a main weapon, secondary, pistol and grenades.
Rifleman: Secondary is the Grenade Launcher or smoke
Special Ops: Secondary is an RPG
Sniper: Secondary is C4/Explosive (with phone detonator)

All in all pretty good multiplayer. (Anthony is addicted)

Game modes

Combat Mission: Sort of like Rush but five separate objective where you’re either defending or attack, arm them, dis arm them. You get time limits at the end that show you how quick you raped or were raped >_< lol

Team Assault: Deathmatch…. that’s it.

Sector Control: Conquest/Capture the fag – But you can capture a flag in less than 10 seconds, it just drops the resurrects fast lol.

Objective Raid: [My Favourite] This one is alot like Rush, more so than Combat Mission, I think this is the only game mode where the opposing team can not get into you Spawn point area. In this you’re either the Coalition [Defenders, US] or the Saboteurs [Attackers, Taliban]. Love this game mode.

Then there’s…
Hardcore: [Dun dun duuuuuuh!] Goes through a playlist of the games modes but all on Hardcore for you crackheads  out there… Just playing.

My favourite class so far…

Has got to be Special Ops, the main weapons Carbine or Shotgun. The Carbine with a Red dot is awesome, plus with the Extra magazine it’s even better. Since there are no Vehicles to blow up [except the tank on 1 or 2 game modes] you can get great kills with it. I still got more things to unlock obviously so my opinion could change but for right now, Special Ops all day, baby!

… Also I forgot to mention the Breathe feature whilst sniping, it steadies your AIM, in Multiplayer you don’t need that with the first set of Rifles but with the later stronger ones you will, a nice touch. – Go buy it!


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5 Responses to Thoughts on MOH so far

  1. thiswarisours18 says:

    …Okay first of all i am not addicted! i just happened to skip school for no reason to stay at home and play MoH all day. No big deal. not like that crackhead school teaches me anything. And second it is brutal!!! No addiction intended.

  2. goldengate88 says:

    Good to read your review Fabe, was wondering when you were gonna peel yourself away from it to post something up here!

    Lol @ Anthony!

    GT5 just got delayed again so I have no excuse not to pick this up now

  3. yvdsvestas says:

    Yeah good review man! Just got the game
    but i’m still working at home on my PC.
    No time yet to play………….

  4. thiswarisours18 says:

    Vestas we know what working on the computer means. quit “working” on yourself put down the Slim Jim and get on MoH.

  5. Fabian says:

    Lol [Porn] – I’m still trying to get the kill streaks up, I only get 10 kills before dying.

    I like playing this though, it’s freshing, something new, ya know?

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