Bulletstorm is gonna be awesome


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4 Responses to Bulletstorm is gonna be awesome

  1. skyyjuice says:

    this is seriously getting up my bleeper now, get this , just updated the very latest flash player and alas i bleeding still cant view those damn videos….
    what the eck is going on man ???????????

  2. yvdsvestas says:

    Did you recently updated your computer, it some times happens thet after a update you get problems.

    What’s your OS?

    Are you getting an error when trying to watch the vids? yes…what error?

    you can also try another browser like firefox or chrome, i know that IE8 has compatibility problems

  3. Fabian says:

    Maybe he’s got the IE9 beta – It’s DOODOO!

    And yes, Bulletstorm is gonna be alot of fun, I did put up 2 previous posts with abit of details and whatnot. The multiplayer was still unconfirmed. 😦

    “Most importantly we still don’t know anything about multiplayer with Epic Games saying only that Bulletstorm will have an online component but not confirming that the game will have online multiplayer modes.”

    – That’s a quote I found… Somewhere (I forget).

    • yvdsvestas says:

      You didn’t post this video did you? that would be stupid of me.

      Let’s hope it will have a multiplayer, but if if the solo campaign is good
      i will buy it anyway.

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