How many people own this game?

Been out for awhile now, people often going on about how many players you could have in one game. Etc etc.

Finally decided to check out some footage on youtube, looks.. ok I’d say 6/10, but I guess I need to play it for myself.

One thing though, if I do play I would be RAVEN lol.


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11 Responses to MAG

  1. goldengate88 says:

    I had it, but traded it in against BC2 when it came out. It was a good game, but having previously not been in a clan it was hard to make the most of the game. You NEED communication in this game, unfortunatly hardly anyone ever spoke over the mic except for when they wanted to be revived crying “Medic, Medic, heal me, heal me” over and over again until they got revived and then you wouldn’t hear from them again until they got killed.

    It has recently gone through a lot of changes, with pretty much the whole game being restructured, and Sony has announced that it will be getting a price cut so now’s a good a time as ever to pick it up.

    Oh, and Raven for the win. It was always great when we kicked SVER’s ass ’cause they where supposed to be the best of the 3 Factions.

  2. Fabian says:

    Lol I’d say Raven because of the Guns, I had a look at their kit. Pretty cool.

    Well if you pick it up, let me know and I will get it.

    FPS mad right now @_@

  3. yvdsvestas says:

    you guys are busy with all that FPS shooters
    and look whats ahead…lol:-)

  4. yvdsvestas says:

    I don’t have it also will not buy it.
    there are to much games coming wich I want to have.

    Got like 6 preorders already and spending enough money on DLC.

    So I’ll have to spend my money carefully.

    Also getting the PS3 Move and the PS3 sound system (Sony)


    • goldengate88 says:

      I know what you mean yvdsvestas, soooo many good games coming up, I’m gonna be broke 😦 lol.

      PS Move is pretty good, I got it last week along with Sports Champions. The main reason I got was to play Killzone 3 with, and also for the camera so I could use the head tracking feature in Gran Turismo 5. I’m looking at getting one of the following for my Move when Killzone lands:

      Logic 3 Move Machine Gun

      Move Battle Rifle

      The Moves Navigation Controller fits in the grip aswell so the whole game can be controlled from the gun.

      MAG will also be getting (maybe already has) Move support in a patch.

  5. Fabian says:

    Lol – Yes, I am FPS crazy right now so I’m looking at FPS’s new and old 😀

  6. yvdsvestas says:

    while we’re talking about FPS shooters there is another planned for march 2011 called: Homefront
    saw a video online about the online multiplayer
    looks ok.

    ( I tried to post the video but I don’t have a clue how to do it, maybe you guys have a quick quide?)

    • goldengate88 says:

      Is it on youtube? If so, hit the “Embed” button just below where it says how many views the video has. Then just copy and paste the text and that should bring it up.

      If it’s not on youtube I can’t help ya dude, I’ve tried embedding a few video from other sites and failed lol!

  7. goldengate88 says:

    Nice! I had heard of Homefront a while back, but for some reason thought it was a 3rd person shooter! This has caught my attention now!

    Thanks for posting it.

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