Help Chuck Bittner’s Petiton for Custom Button Mapping

Chuck Bittner is no ordinary gamer. He’s disabled, but that doesn’t mean he won’t kick your ass in Modern Warfare 2! Chuck has Quadriplegia which prevents him for playing games using both his hands, instead, he uses his face! Yeah, take that all you super l33t pro’s on Youtube!

Owning n00bs with your face all day long has its limitations though, Chuck can’t aim down the sights, so has to get all his kills (over 30,000) firing from the hip. This is where his petition comes in. Unbelievable, in this day and age, us console gamers STILL don’t have an option if we want to customise the button layout the developers have given us, while PC gamers have been allowed to customise layouts for years until their hearts content. So Chuck is petitioning developers and console makers to give us gamers customisation for our button layouts.

Whether this petition will accomplish anything, nobody knows, but surely it would do no harm to sign it anyway. So internet yourself over to Petition Online and sign up for a good cause, and don’t forget to tell your friends!

I’ll leave you with a few video from Chuck himself, who is not only shit hot at MW2, but is also a pretty damn funny comedian, or, as he calls himeself “The can’t stand up comedian”! Don’t forget to check out his website

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