Anthony Forgive Me

Lol –  Black Ops looks like uber fun man. No room for hate… I may buy it.


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Sup bruh!
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15 Responses to Anthony Forgive Me

  1. thiswarisours18 says:

    i will never forgive you….cheater…..jk bro

  2. Fabian says:

    Lol maybe, maybe I’ll get it.

  3. goldengate88 says:

    Wait until the camping and glitching starts lol.

    This is maybe a rent for me, but I really don’t see me buying it.

  4. yvdsvestas says:

    you guys like nazi zombies?

    I will buy this game, already preordered as well.

  5. thiswarisours18 says:

    i love nazi zombies….lol i might briefly play it it depends on how much i like it. if i buy it or not…..

  6. Fabian says:

    Nazi Zombies?

    What’s that?

  7. thiswarisours18 says:

    youtube bro just type in nazi zombies really lol……power of the internet….better yet….firefox…..

  8. yvdsvestas says:

    Most of COD: World at War is your average WWII shooter. But after you slog through it, you unlock a mode called “Nacht der Untoten” (Night of the Undead). This COD addon takes place entirely in a single house as waves of increasingly numerous and aggressive zombies slog up to eat your brain. Your goal is to stave them off with the same WWII weapons that you hopefully mastered while fighting your way through the normal game levels. Leaving the house is not an option, but there are windows and walls that you can board up to slow the approaching zombies. there are 3 more dlc packs for nazi zombies with more/better guns and perks/upgrades and bigger levels

  9. Fabian says:

    Just saw some footage of it, it looks hectic. When they break through it must be a panic lol.

  10. yvdsvestas says:

    Total panic believe me, especially when your team mates go down and you try to revive them,
    and those horde of zombies try to kill you.
    Team work is essential in this game (and get a ray gun) LOL

    Should be something for iHS, hope there will be a zombie level/add on in black ops, is really good for teambuilding.

    but you guys have to buy it of course.

  11. thiswarisours18 says:

    idk…..i lost all hope on CoD from MW2….cant play that game for 30 minutes without breaking something….thats why im BC2 all the way.

  12. yvdsvestas says:

    you got Treyarch and Infinite there is some difference between that but the community
    fucked up everything.

    But I agree with you Anthony that MW2 is pissing you off, I’m capable to twist my controller 360 degrees instantly.

    But I loved to play CoD World at War and MW1.

    Hope that Respawn will bring something news!?

  13. Fabian says:

    Hmm.. I wouldn’t mind getting Black Ops. But I think I’ma gonna be too busy with MoH and still busy with BC2.

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