The Future of FPS’s

While looking on Kotaku, I came across an article on a FPS device made by a company called Microvision (don’t worry, Microsoft and Activision haven’t merged together to destroy the world…. yet!) which brings us one step closer to experiencing war, but without all the killing, lost limbs and destroyed lives.

Known as Project Tuatara, the gun shaped device has a projector mounted to it that projects the image onto a screen which then moves with you. Pointing the gun upwards makes you see whats above you, pointing it to the left or right lets you see to your sides and pointing down makes you look at the ground.

So far, this only works for games that support mouse and keyboard and there is no price or release date on it yet, but i would expect this kind of device to cost a small fortune. What’s exciting though is the potential this kind of technology holds for the future. In 10 years or so, this could be THE way to play first person shooters.

Due to not being able to embed the original video in the Kotaku article, here is a similar video to it that shows the gun in action:

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One Response to The Future of FPS’s

  1. Fabian says:

    That is friggin crazy lol

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