Call of Duty: Black Ops BLOWOUT!

So, last night the new multiplayer video was released for developer Treyarchs CoD: Black Ops. The trailer showed off new multiplayer modes known as Wager Matches. In these games players can bet in-game credits to buy in-game items, the four different modes are:

  • One in the Chamber.
  • Sticks and Stones.
  • Gun Game
  • Sharpshooter

The four new modes are explained in the following video:

Also released were details of the Perks and Killstreaks (boo Killstreaks! Yes, I’m looking at you too Medal of Honor!). Teir 1 Perks will now affect the appearance of your character, and Pro versions of the perks will also be back, but haven’t all been announced yet :

Tier 1

  • Lightweight – Move faster
  • Scavenger – Resupply from dead bodies (PRO): Replenish lethal grenades
  • Ghost – Undetectable by the Spy Plane and the Blackbird
  • Hardline – Killstreaks 1 kill early
  • Flak Jacket – Extra explosive resistance

Tier 2

  • Hardened – Extra bullet penetration
  • Scout – Hold breath longer
  • Steady Aim – Extra accuracy when shotting from the hip
  • Sleight of Hand – Faster reload
  • Warlord – 2 attachments on primary weapon

Tier 3

  • Marathon – Longer sprint
  • Second Chance – Pull out pistol before dying
  • Hacker – Detect enemy equipment and explosives
  • Tactical Mask – Reduces the effect of flash and concussion grenades


  • 3 Kills – Spy Plane
  • 3 Kills – RC-XD Explosive RC Car
  • 4 Kills – Counter Spy Plane
  • 4 Kills – SAM Turret
  • 5 Kills – Care Package
  • 5 Kills – Napalm Strike
  • 6 Kills – Sentry Gun
  • 6 Kills – Mortar Team
  • 7 Kills – Attack Helicopter
  • 7 Kills – Valkyrie Rockets
  • 8 Kills – Blackbird
  • 8 Kills – Rolling Thunder
  • 9 Kills – Chopper Gunner
  • 11 Kills – Attack Dogs
  • 11 Kills – Gunship

As I mentioned earlier, you can earn in-game credits. Winning these credits allows you to buy upgrades for your weapons and equipment meaning you won’t have to level up to unlock upgrades, this time if you aint got the door fee, you aint gettin’ in!

I know the guys on iHS aren’t big CoD fans (although some of us do like to have a game now and then), but these new details on Black Ops are genuinely interesting and show Treyarch are doing their best to right the wrongs and fix the mess Infinity Ward left the CoD franchise in. Let’s just hope that it lives up to the hype and doesn’t go the way of Modern Warfare 2. I will not be picking the game up on release day, or for that matter, maybe not at all, but I will certainly give it a rent to see what they have done with it. One thing I will say is that little RC car Killstreak looks like a hell of a lot of fun, but God help us if they find a way to glitch it!

I’m gonna leave you with some additional gameplay videos of Team Deathmatch and Wager modes:

Team Deathmatch

Wager Mode:

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5 Responses to Call of Duty: Black Ops BLOWOUT!

  1. yvdsvestas says:

    first video 2:19 mini gun!!!!!

  2. thiswarisours18 says:

    i like the concept of wager matches but i think FPS games piss us all off enough getting shot i would throw the controller lol holding out for MoH

  3. Fabian says:

    I gotta say, this looks good. btw the last two vids are dead…

  4. JB says:

    “fix the mess Infinity Ward left the CoD franchise in”

    your article comments are ignorant. you obviously know nothing of the fact that activision was solely responsible for the break-up of infinity ward. might wanna check your info before posting false information.

    • Golden says:

      My comments are not ignorant. I understand Activision were responsible for the breakup of IW, and are responsible for milking every last ounce of money left in it, they weren’t however, responsible for the fact IW released a hideously broken game. I mean, how many patches did that game recieve? 11 or something, and it STILL wasn’t fixed. If that’s not broken then I don’t know what is.

      If you want to defend IW, fair enough, but you honestly can’t say that the game did’nt have a hideous amount of problems. If you still want to deny that, then I don’t know what to say to you. Enjoy your game I guess. It’s just not the game for me.

      I’m really liking what Treyarch are doing with Black Op’s, but likley won’t pick it up for numerous reasons. Might give it a rent though.

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