RESPONSE to Magneto39

Here was my comment on his Battlefield Bad Company 2 sucks video:

LOL @ his thoughts on BC2.

When you become a half-decent BC2 player, WITH friends, you’ll see how badly BC2 rapes MW2, passes it on to the previous Battlefields for them to rape then locks MW in the basement and says:

BC2: “Now you wait right here till MoH arrives. The rape will continue”

MW2: “What?! o_o”

– Thank you


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4 Responses to RESPONSE to Magneto39

  1. goldengate88 says:

    In response to the video:

    Yes, Bad Company is a step backwards, what with all the destruction, vehicles, bullet physics, damn, why don’t them DICE guys get the with times, it’s 2010! /sarcasm

    “I am just too used to the best FPS ever made, Modern Warfare 2”.

    Seriously, if you wanna be a CoD fanboy, at least be a fanboy of a good CoD, like Modern Warfare 1. If you think MW2 is the best FPS ever made, then you must be one of the camping, glitching, boosting, little bitches that plague the games multiplayer. Also, I guarantee you could fit atleast 2-3 CoD maps in the 1st SECTION of Arica Harbour. Shit, I bet you could fit every one of CoD’s maps into the whole of the Arica map.

    Infinity Ward screwed the CoD franchise with MW2, hopefully Treyarch can restore some of the damage done with Black Ops. Unfortunately, I won’t ever be buying it, ’cause I’m pretty sure it will be full of the same type of cheap players from MW2

  2. goldengate88 says:

    P.S. This guy needs to lay off MW2, lest he wants this to happen. Lol!

  3. thiswarisours18 says:

    lol wow obsessed much lol on the response

    • goldengate88 says:

      Ha ha, I know, although, playing MW2 for 17 hours I can’t blame the kid, that game pisses me off after playing for 10 minutes!

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