VIP Map Pack 6 Out? Battlefield 3 Twitter Account Spotted?

Details of Map Pack 6 have been circling about, the “new” maps are rumored to be Panama Squad Deathmatch and Squad Rush Map Laguna Presa. The details are due to be confirmed on Tuesday 17th according to a post in the Community Pressroom. Also, a Twitter account set up for Battlefield 3 has been spotted on, well, Twitter!


With Gamescom coming up in a few days, we have been promised news about both BC2’s Vietnam expansion, and Medal of Honor. Could this newly opened Twitter account also mean news on Battlefield 3? Let’s hope so….

UPDATE no.5,354

I really don’t know how many times I’ve edited this post already! According to posts in the Community Pressroom, on the PlayStation store, it says Map Pack 6 is due out tomorrow, the modes/maps being Squad-
Deathmatch Panama Canal and Squad Rush Laguna Presa. Phew, glad to finally get that cleared up!

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4 Responses to VIP Map Pack 6 Out? Battlefield 3 Twitter Account Spotted?

  1. Juice (SkyyJuice) says:

    i thought that i would leave you with a few things that you didnt know or mayby you did know,…
    i would like for you guys to checkout a site called.
    Battlestrats.. its got quite a few helpfull tips and hints on a lot of battle orientated games and of course there are loads on BC2…lol
    so go check it out guys… ..Juice..

  2. Fabe says:

    @SkyJuice Nice one bro I’ma check that out.

    @Golden Lol we follow it [BF3 Twitter] even though there’s no pic of info on it.

    Also, I keep hearing about this new Map Pack but not actually seeing anything…

    • goldengate88 says:

      I dunno how many times I editied that post! First it was map pack 6 being announced today, then I had to change it to it being already announced and released on the sly, then after being on last night with no sign of it in the store, I’ve had to change it back again to unannounced!

  3. Fabe says:

    Lol ah well whenever it’s out, I hope it’s good.

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