An Interview with… Ramesses_

1. So how did you come up with your PSN username?
Ah you’re gonna wish you never asked me. It’s a long story so here’s the short version. In the late 90s early 00s i was an art student. my friends and i were into the dance scene at the time. and a few of them were djs. I was asked to make up some fliers for their gigs. i was doing graphic design at the time so i messed around with Photoshop and quark and came up with this idea of mixing ancient art with futuristic cyber art, steam punk etc. So I found some pictures of Ramesses II and Egyptian gods like Horas, Isis and such like and turned them into futuristic robot gods. This seemed to fit the scene of the prog trance nite quite well and became the theme from there on in. blah blah blahh. Oh and Ramesses was going to be my dj name. Could have just said that really, oh well.
Fabe: -.- Zzz… [SNORT!] O_O sorry, what? lol jp
2. Why did you purchase BFBC2?
 Loved the demo
3. Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
 No Preference. same drink difference tin
– 4a) Do you have any plans to buy Medal of Honor when it’s released?
  The demo, beta whatever they are called nowadays was ok. can’t make my mind up
5. Do you like my face?
  No. lol never seen your head. seen about a square inch pic of you on the blog. couldn’t really make you out. But im sure you’ve got a likeable face o-O lol
Fabe: Ok… ¬_¬ moving on
6. If you were kidnapped and had a choice of which DVDs you had to play over and over again what would they be?
The Simpsons, Futurama, South Park, Drawn Together, American Dad or Spaced?
 Im a big fan of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. So Spaced it is
7. If you could add one thing to BFBC2 what would it be?
 Bigger squads would be good maybe 5 of 6 people. but if i could take one thing away it would be shot guns. hate those bitches with their shotguns
8. What’s your take on the Old school slow walking Zombies verses the Modern running zombies? Hmm?
 I grew up with George Romero films so i’m a fan of the old school zombies. they actually make it seem like a zombie Apocalypse wouldn’t be so bad. As for running zombies. Well zombie Olympics would be cool.
9. We can dance if we want to, we can leave our friends behind, because if your friends don’t dance, and if they don’t dance, then they’re no friends of mine.
Would you agree with that statement?
Not really much of a dancer. always feel like i look abit of a tit. a bit self-conscious! maybe. but I’m happiest at the bar.
Fabe: BTW these were the ( ish) lyrics to Safety Dance
10. 77 was a great year? Or a not so great year?
 The year of the Snake. Why couldn’t it have been the Dragon. that would have been much better!
11. Make up your own backronym for iHS? (make up your own meaning for the letters I, H and S)
 well how about I Hate Sloppy Seconds. ah maybe too much. sorry!
Fabe: XD, indeed… [warm] o_o
12. If you could take anyones tags from the team who would it be? And why?
 Well you’ve got my tags 3 times so revenge is due. But i think I’d prefer to grab Laney’s as his would be the hardest to get. That guys like the terminator. Glad he’s on our side. 
13. < Unlucky number?
 Not really a superstitious person
14. Would you donate money to the Laneyneedsafrigginheadsetimeancomeonnowitsbeenagesandyetthisdudestilldoesnthaveamicjeez foundation?
 hmm. the guy needs a head set. I’ll think about it
15. How much would you give a month to said foundation?
 Since its a good cause i’ll do a sponsored bungee jump! send money to above address
16. Can we have your bank details?
Fabe: $.$ [Cha-ching!] 
17. What’s your real name?
 John, but call me Ramesses its better
18. If you could customise your PS3 what colour would you have it changed to?
 Silver would be cool. Gold would be to much
19. How’s the interview so far?
 Too long
20 . Shoutouts?
Dj Pete Kingwell  (needs better name), Dj Haze (much better), DJ Manni (coming soon to a prison near you. Drug dealing. “whoops how did that get there” which is what he actually said to the police.) Bruce Lee RIP and Jah.

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5 Responses to An Interview with… Ramesses_

  1. Muse83 says:

    I got Laney’s tags 🙂

  2. goldengate88 says:

    Hahahaha, that was hilarious! Nice one guys.

    I got Laney’s tags too. We were on Atacama, 3rd set of bases and I jumped down from the hilly bit to run and arm A and pretty much landed on top of this guy. I swung my knife and ran on to A, when the tags popped up on my screen they were Laney’s!

    I’ve also got yours 3 times Fabe. I’m coming for yours next Muse and Ramesses mwahahahahaha!

    Oh, and I think you should do the questions for all the interviews Fabe, I have no idea what to ask!

    • Fabe says:

      Lol just ask whatever you want. But certain questions should always be there. (That could be discussed).

      But it’s cool though you don’t have to, ANYONE could do the interviews really but I doubt anyones wants to lol.

  3. Implosion says:

    LMAO @ The shout outs. AND Noooo. Coke and Pepsi are NOT the same. Gosh lol

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