Battlefield 3

So, EA announced that with a purchase of the Limited Edition Medal of Honor this year, you’ll recieve an invitation to the Battlefield 3 beta.

There is no current period setting for Battlefield 3 yet, so if it’s a modern setting them I’m guessing that’ll be the Bad Company continuation… Maybe.

Or we’ll have to still wait on Bad Company 3. Not really into WWII based FPSs.


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6 Responses to Battlefield 3

  1. Muse83 says:

    Wow, BF3 already? They don’t waste any time do they?

    • Fabe says:

      Lol apparently not. Had one dude on the BFBC2 EA forum say they’re skipping past BC3 and onto the next project Battlefield 3. I’m hoping it is or there WILL BE a next Bad Company.

      Oh and I hope the time period it’s set is Modern Day.

      • goldengate88 says:

        Damn, the hardcore PC guys are gonna be pissed Battlefield 3’s coming to console! Unless it’s developed for PC as the lead platform then ported to console, I can just see the EA forums explode with rage!

        I have been meaning to get a copy of Battlefield 2, a few guys from my old job that play PC were telling me about it and it got me really psyched, but still never got round to buying it. It can be picked up pretty cheap too, I just hope my laptop can handle it!

        Fabe, BF2 was a modern setting so I can’t see them making a BF3 a WW2 game. I’m glad, I think I’ve had more than my fair share of WW games over the years and it’s just played itself out.

        Does anyone else get the feeling EA are beginning to shoot out games a bit too quick? Sort of reminds me of what Activision has done with CoD…

  2. Fabe says:

    Yeah bro, EA basically has VGD (Video Game Dioreaha). Shitting out so many games lol.

    I’m glad to know that BF2 was modern, in the timeline. I’m gonna check out some Wiki based info and some clips.


  3. Muse83 says:

    EA is kinda reminding of Atari back in the day and you know what happend to them.

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