The MOH Limited Edition Trailer

Now this looks so much better than what the BETA currently is. Seems faster as well.

MOH ftw? Hmm…


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6 Responses to The MOH Limited Edition Trailer

  1. skyyjuice says:

    MOH is lokking good gee, seems like the beta is sorted now, hardly freezes up on gameplay, so all good on that behalf. and yeah gots to get my copy of MOH done.

  2. Fabe says:

    Is it? lol – You know what I haven’t played the BETA for awhile still. Might try it out today.

    I gotta say though this trailer is dope, I’m very impressed.

    • goldengate88 says:

      Yeah, they sorted the main freezes, but it still has that slight freeze on death, along with the horrible hit detection and glitchy graphics. Still looking forward to the full game though, single player will be a blast, I just hope multiplayer isn’t infested with the CoD crowd.

      You guys should check out Blacklight Tango Down, looks pretty interesting. Oh, and we seriously needa get iHS on Red Dead Redemption, that game would be so sweet with us riding into town on horseback, no Brokeback Mountain shenanigans though lol

      • Fabe says:

        Lol I might get RDR soon, still.

        But yeah I played the beta last night, it wasn’t so bad, my opinion of MoH has risen I must say.

      • Muse83 says:

        I’m on that for RDR. I don’t have it yet – waiting for it to go on sale and pick it up cheap. And I was thinking more Tombstone than Broke Back Mountain 🙂

  3. goldengate88 says:

    Coming up to Christmas is just gonna be an onslaught (excuse the BC2 related pun there!) of kick ass games. MoH, Gran Turismo 5, Little Big Planet 2, and I’m sure there’s gonna be more.

    Yeah, I was trying to wait for Red Dead to come down in price, but it hasn’t budged in 2 months, but I had a few games to trade in and ended up only paying £8 for it.

    Oh, and lol @ Muse with Tombstone, some mighty fine mustaches in that film!

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