ToogMeubel only back end summer

I’m gonna move to the next crib , from t’day .After that in the month of July when my it connection is transferred their is a 10 day festival in my city with all the madness and party’s gooing on day and night !! I love July πŸ™‚

After that I’m on vacation with my girl for 2 weeks , so you guy’s won’t see me for a longΒ  while on the ps3 .

Have a good playtime and a massive amount of Hs’s fellas ! πŸ˜‰

ps: still gonna follow the blog with the laptop on the it- hotspots & I hope they do have in Spain

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4 Responses to ToogMeubel only back end summer

  1. goldengate88 says:

    All the best Toog, hope everything goes smoothly for ya buddy.

    10 day festivals, a 2 week holiday.
    Sounds like one hell of a July! I’m jealous 😦 lol

  2. Fabe says:

    Lol have fun bro, enjoy yourself and well HS some punks soon as.

    – Chhhyeah! >_o

  3. toogmeubel says:

    Howdy bro’s ! πŸ™‚ back 2 c if ya all good behaving out here , I’m glad the Gent festival ‘s over –> got my butt kicked by 3 w…ers..!! hapilly I had my rednose staffie with me that made short work with them and got them on the run , LoooL
    For the rest I had 2 much booze and need a good resting vacation now , dunno about wifi in Spain but cya guys soon on the ps network


  4. Fabe says:

    Lol you joker, getting your ass kicked. Don’t go OTT now bro lol, see you soon bro.

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