MOH Keys

I should be getting a few keys for the MOH Beta, which I will gladdy give to you guys. My friend just messaged me and said “How many do you want?” – I told him give as many as you got lol…

So we’ll see how many I get to give away.

– [iHS] all day babyyyyyy! >_< LMAO


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3 Responses to MOH Keys

  1. Juice (SkyyJuice) says:

    Yo blaze SkyyJuice ere, yh gee still needing dat beta key For MOH when you get it just dend it me as a message on the PS3, been waitng for this for ages …

  2. Fabe says:

    My freind was going to send me some eariler on today then he.. fell asleep… Apparently… ¬_¬

    • Juice (SkyyJuice) says:

      Okay fabe, when he wakes from his beauty sleep send me a couple please buddy cheers dude..

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