Special Unlock. WWII Weapon

I discovered a cool weapon add-on on my personal stats on the  BFBC2 site,

the M1 garand with a fixed  Bayonet !!

Just don’t know the how or when’s , you can check it out @ the all – kits gadget section but dunno if it’s also in game.
gadget- all kits

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3 Responses to Special Unlock. WWII Weapon

  1. Fabe says:

    That look pretty cool, since you could use it during Melee. But I bet you have to be a Vet to use it [sigh]…

  2. toogmeubel says:

    no , since I already have the normal version garand .
    Maybe an unlockable or a DLC

  3. oknsdpoeidn says:

    just so y’all know, it’s 5000 kills with the m1 garand. You have 5000 kills with the garand right?

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