PSN ID Origins

So, I thought it would be pretty cool to find out where everyone’s PSN I.D came from. If it’s your nickname, explain how you got it. Also, o#if you want, you can list your actual name, that is, of course, if you want to.

Don’t be shy!

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17 Responses to PSN ID Origins

  1. goldengate88 says:

    I’ll go first. Golden Gate Fields is the name of a track by my favourite band, Rancid. It is the last track on their self titled 5th album released in 2000. It’s not my favourite song of theirs, not even my favourite of the album, but I just liked the name and it fitted perfectly within the 16 character limit for PSN I.D’s.

    My actual proper name is Krystan (pronounced Kris-tin), although I have been called many variants of this including Christopher, Christian and Crystal lol!

    FUN FACT: I wish I’d used “Clyde Frog” as my I.D. It’s the name of Eric Cartman’s stuffed toy in South Park, originally of Clyde Frog Show fame in the 70’s

  2. martifatale says:

    Okay…. QueenJBlaze.. Well as many of you know, I’m Fabian’s girlfriend, and due to laziness and a lack of imagination at the time.. I kinda copied his name. My actual nickname is Implosion on most forums and other things. And I wish I had used this name instead.

    My actual name is Lurlene. I’m sure I dont need to write a pronounciation for it. LOL

    • goldengate88 says:

      Lol, thought I’d pronounce it because so many people seem to think it’s something else, I usually just say my names kris to save any hassle!

      Where did the name Implosion come from? It’s actually pretty cool, should of kept it for your PSN.

  3. Fabe says:

    KingJBlaze, I made up because I was fed up of attempting to get the actual PSN ID I wanted and chose it because my net handle is ju5t_bl4z3.

    I wanna change my PSN but it’s too late.

    My real name is Fabian btw.

  4. Rohalient says:

    i chose Rohalient BCUZ no1 else had it.

  5. rohalient says:

    I chose Rohalient because no1 else did.

    No really i just came up with it as it asked me, dig.

  6. toogmeubel says:

    My id means bar (pub)furniture.. b’cause of my drinking habit and since you could easily fiend me @ my fav local pub.
    Real name is Samir (I’m a moroccan born in belgium..)friends call me Sam

  7. Fabe says:

    OH! lol thats what ToogMeubel means… When you told me the other day I couldn’t hear you properly XD

  8. toogmeubel says:

    I must been drunk, again 🙂

  9. Muse83 says:

    First and foremost – totally regret my i.d.!!!!!

    I used Muse as my tag way back in the ‘Soldier of Fortune’ days on PC. I just took it as it sounded kinda cool and mysterious, now everyone thinks it’s cos I like the band – which i don’t, and that just makes it worse. Obviously once I came to enter it on PSN it was already taken so the 83 was added.
    If Sony ever do what Microsoft have done and allow you to change it for a fee, I’d be on that in a heartbeat.

    My real name’s Lee by the way.

  10. yvdsvestas says:

    my name is based on my work and initials.

    yvds= Ype van der schaaf actually Hendrik comes first but Ype is my common name.
    Vestas is the company I work for.
    Tried other names when creating the account but that didin’t work.

    On the PSN people call me Vestas, you guys may call me what ever you like.

  11. skyyjuice says:

    Back in the day when i was a lil lad, my older brother used to have friend, (cnt rememeber what his real name was), his nick name was …yes you guessd it SkyJuice, i dunno why tho. and when i created my psn account. i thought of loads of diff names, not only that relates to shooter games. and at the last minute SkyJuice came to mind. I thought that someone would have already used that one so thats why i put the extra ‘Y’ in it.
    my real name is Hughie, and iam guessing that i am the eldset in iHS….. have a guess at my age and have some blooming respect…

  12. caini1 says:

    My psn is a pretty simple explaination I used to love getting absolutlely (Cained) On many things.And I like Caining people at games (Handing out an Arss whoping) Cain is also my cer name so it kind of fits and the number 1 comes from hopfull thinking Lol 🙂

  13. dv8r1970 says:

    my psn id comes in 3 parts the “d” comes from my first name david, “v8r” comes from a rock band i used to play in called av8r and the 1970 the year the new anti christ was born, well thats what my mother said and funny that coz it was the same year i was born, so that makes me one of the oldest i know on psn and the thing i hate most is getting friend requests from 12 yr olds who then tell me i’m older than their dad

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