Onslaught Mode Details

Here’s abit of info from US BFBC2 site on the upcoming Co-Op game mode; Onslaught.


Expanding the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 online multiplayer experience, Onslaught Mode delivers the first online co-op Battlefield action to PS3 and Xbox 360

Up to 4 players can team up and put their squad skills to the test across 4 enhanced multiplayer maps, fighting against enemy land, sea, and air forces such as the new Mark V SPECACT boat. Work together to secure and hold a series of capture points in the quickest time possible and compare your stats on the Onslaught leaderboards against your friends and other players across the community.

With 4 different levels of difficulty, including Hardcore, Onslaught is the ideal battle ground for Battlefield: Bad Company&trade 2 players, whether new or seasoned veterans, to perfect their squad play skills!

  • RELEASE DATE: Coming soon
  • SQUAD MODE: 1-4 player co-operative mode against AI enemies
  • MAPS: 4 maps delivering different gameplay experiences, all with new lighting/time of day. Valparaiso, Atacama Desert, Isla Inocentes, Nelson Bay
  • NEW ENEMY VEHICLES: Mark V patrol boat
  • MISSION: Battle against time and try to beat your personal best
  • LEADERBOARDS: Compare your stats on the dedicated Onslaught Leaderboards against your friends and other players across the community
  • DIFFICULTIES: Four difficulties – Easy, Normal, Hard, Hardcore
  • ACHIEVEMENTS: 8 trophies and achievements

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2 Responses to Onslaught Mode Details

  1. toogmeubel says:

    Cool man !
    but I hope that they’ll count and show different weapon stats as well.
    otherwise , anyone can upgrade his stats by playing against the AI.. not really the same thing.

    and oh, it’ll come out the 16th of june.

  2. Fabe says:

    16th, ok, that’s not TOO far away then.

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