Blasphemy! My MW2 Story.

So… uh, going abit off topic with Battlefield…

I played MW2 for the first time yesterday, as Bad Company 2 was the first FPS I’ve played [fade into a Black & White flashback] since the days of Goldeneye lol.

MW is alright, the pace is crazy dude… BFBC2 FTW all day though. 😛

– The End.


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4 Responses to Blasphemy! My MW2 Story.

  1. toogmeubel says:

    cool game 2 , the best FPS in my opinion before BFBC2 though 😉

    theire’s a bunch of MW2 players who came over to the Battlefield.

    I’ve played it last summer @ a friend’s place for all nights with a lotta fun.

    You Infidel ! 🙂

  2. rohalient says:

    MW2 is for the homeless.

  3. Fabe says:

    Lol, it was ok, but just crazy fast.. Basically Run & Gun. BFBC2 is for warriors, MW2 is for Psycho’s on Ecstasy.

  4. Muse83 says:

    MW2 is good looking and highly addictive – the whole player bar thing is so cool I wish other games would implement their own versions.
    However, the game is so fast it all comes down to fastest connection wins.
    And as the killstreak rewards are extremely powerful, a good start to each round is almost essential to perpetuate your kill ratio.

    MW2 does what it does very well but is very limited at the same time.

    BFBC2 has far more scope and is definitely the better game.

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