Weapon Wishlist

So, I was playing Squad Rush with Laney, and due to the fact it was a two on one match we had enough time to discuss weapons or actions we’d like to see in a future DLC Package.

Double Pistols, like 2 Berrettas.
Hand to hand kills; sneak up behind an enemy and snap his neck (lol I know it sounds grim but it would be cool).
Being able to put C4 on an enemy would be a sick (in a good way) to dispose of them lol.

… That’s just some, all would be a pretty dope edition to Bad Company 2.


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6 Responses to Weapon Wishlist

  1. goldengate88 says:

    Ah, Berrettas, for some reason they always remind me of the airport level in the Die Hard games. I can’t think of any new guns I’d like to see, I’m trying to get a platinum star on another assault rifle, but just keep coming back to the beastly AN-94, which already has enough kills on it to get a double platinum.

  2. goldengate88 says:

    Oh, and I think poison gas grenades would be pretty cool to flush people out of buildings ect.

  3. toogmeubel says:

    well, i love the c4 trick , would be awesome !
    also , the weapons in the specact upgrade should have an edge on the already existant weapons, and not only in cammouflage . for an example ,theire’s a version of the m95 that exists who shoot’s in semi- automatic mode.
    A greater ammo attachement for the SMG mp45 , a less recoilled LMG machine gun…and I’d love to see the desert eagle handgun in.

  4. Fabe says:

    @golden: Lol yeah I remember the Airport stage! The double Berettas are a personal fav. But now playing MW2 (yesterday on XBox)I’m not too sure about Double Pistols lol.

    @Toog: The M95 in semi automatic mode would merk EVERYONE on the battlefield lol. Making Wookies more annoying than they already are. As for the Desert Eagle, that would be dope, I think Battle Field is lacking in more hand gun variety… Sadly.

    • goldengate88 says:

      @Fabe: Yeah, you should of seen the double 1888 shotguns in MW2 before the patch! People thought the M60 was overpowered in BC2, it had nothing on the akimbo shotguns.

      @Toog: DICE said they didn’t want to split the community with weapons or map packs, although I know what you mean, the people that paid for specact should get a little extra other than a bit of camo and a new outfit. The semi-auto M95 though, man, I could just see the explosion on the forums now lol!

  5. Implosion says:

    I agree with the snapping the neck aspect of the game. You should either be able to pull out the knife to stab or be able to snap the neck. That would be cool. Lol.

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